Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Sewing

My first blog ever!!  Thanks to Sue Hellier who inspired me to blog 15 minutes every day!  So here it goes....
I always feel a little sorry for myself when I have to work on Sunday.  But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.  It was a beautiful day outside today.  Cold yes, but the snow was sparkling.  I have the most beautiful studio view.  My sewing machines are situated in the corner of the room where two big windows look out at my beautiful back yard.  My yard is fenced in and serves as my dogs play ground.  So as I work I can watch my 4 dogs romp and play in the trees and foliage.  Of coarse, there isn't much romping and playing going on out there right now.  The snow is over their little heads.  I went out the day after our big snow and shoveled a little area out for them as well as a path to the back door so I could walk out to their area.  So today, I could see them venture out through their dog door and explore the winter wonderland.  I'm working on recycled fabric bags this week.  Its really fun because each one is completely different from the other.  The TV viewing of choice today was (thanks to my DVR) "The Closer" winter episodes and 3 new episodes of "Primevil" an awesome BBC America si-fi show. 
All in all it was a nice day.
Dinner was a yummy shrimp/corn chowder that is VERY calorie friendly.  Check out "Hungry Girl".  I adapted her reciepe a little.
Now, the fire is going strong, the dogs are all cuddled with me on the couch.  Life is good. 
Working Sunday, not too bad.

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  1. Great!!!!
    I usually work Sundays too, today I went and did marketing stuff.
    I have a blog too.

    Nice to see you Saturday